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Too much sorrow

Words&music:Elisabeth Grindheim Brodalen


The broken heart of a nurse, as
she walks and sees sorrow and pain:

Too much sorrow

Too much pain

Too much suffering for my brain

Hard to see

that others suffer

Now I carry this burden along

Thought I was strong

But now I’ve seen

I am not that strong

Though I am very little

I belong to The Strongest 

of All
So why my heart are you still so sad?

Are there miles between

sorrow and joy?

Perhaps isn’t the distant so very far

while real joy should know

much about pain.

Cause how can you ever be really glad

if you never have been also sad ?

Isn’t pleasure somehow a sign

that you’ve left your burdens behind.

They’re still there

You’ve done all you can do

Do not fear!

Look ; the heaven turns blue!

You’re now allowed to be glad!

So; rejoice my soul!

Don’t be sad!

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